What would like to share about yourself?

I am a history major/education minor originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area. I currently live in the Detroit area. I've been an educator my entire career.

Can you share a special memory from your college years?

Although Spelman has a special place in my heart, Freshman Week keeps me laughing every time I think about it, and not just because LLCI won (again). We had great times dueling

during that competition.

How has SC impacted your life?

Spelman has prepared me to be comfortable as an example of excellence. As a Spelman Woman, I was afforded the opportunity to just be me, not a Black person, not a woman, but just me during crucial formative years. Spelman taught me the power of sisters working toward a common goal.

Will you be attending our 25-year reunion?
This will be my first reunion ever, and I am excited to see my classmates

again after 25 years.

Why are you excited about Reunion 2018?

In the atmosphere and backlash of our current government, it is imperative that we practice radical self care. Being with my sisters at reunion, I know I will have that same experience of love...and when we disagree, it will not be based on a core belief that I am "less than".

Why it is important to give back to SC?

For everything Spelman has given to me, I am blessed to be able to give back. Our gifts help defray the costs to the school, and, hopefully, keep the dream of a Spelman education within the reach of more young ladies.

What words of encouragement do you have to inspire our classmates to support

our beloved Spelman?

If any one event, friendship, experience, supportive relationship or skill that you learned at Spelman has helped you become the woman you want to be, give back so that another sister can have that same positive experience.