Jean (Harvey) Johnson

Jean (Harvey) Johnson, Economics major from Chicago, currently residing in Atlanta with husband Juan Johnson (Morehouse ‘94) and expecting in December.

Can you share a special memory from your college years?

I remember being excited to attend an off-campus party in midtown featuring house music. I was having so much fun that I wasn't pressed to catch the Freshman bus when they announced the call over the DJ's mic I figured I'd catch MARTA with my hall mates. Little did I know that MARTA stopped running and would not start again until 5:30am. So the end of my great night was spent with my hall mates in the Midtown station waiting for MARTA to begin running again and walking back from West End in the wee hours of the morning.

How has SC impacted your life?
I'm still amazed that I had the ability to make such a great life-impacting decision at 17. Graduating from Spelman has given me opportunities I'd have never realized at any other institution.

Will you be attending our 25-Year Reunion? Why?

I'll be attending our 25th reunion to happily celebrate this milestone with the women who shared in this transformative experience!

Why it is important to give back to SC?

There is nothing like our sisterhood and I'm thrilled to support our class and future classes through volunteering and financial donations. It is amazing to see the transformation of our beloved campus, the transition of teens into confident black women, and to revisit relationships formed while discovering one's path - relationships with professors, administrators, classmates and close friends. Its a remarkable time for reflection on the hardships overcome and the blessings and joys of our special sisterhood.