Lisa Kirton-Robinson

Mother of three, originally from New York, works as a talent coordinator in Hollywood/reality TV

(Marriage Boot Camp, Million Dollar Matchmaker, RuPaul's Drag Race)

and a proud Spelman graduate.

Can you share a special memory from your college years?
Meeting Angela Davis, hearing her speak and getting a personal word of encouragement before her bodyguards whisked her away through the back door of Sister's Chapel. That was surreal. Homecoming was also a favorite time of year and always traveling to Hampton, Howard, etc., to celebrate with other HBCUs. Spelman also allowed me to venture further, spending my junior year as an exchange student at UC, San Diego which is how I ended up in California.

How has SC impacted your life?
Spelman laid a strong foundation, giving an educational perspective, wealth of knowledge and resources through its professors, guest speakers and overall experiences I don't feel I could've gotten at any other institution.

Will you be attending our 25-Year Reunion? Why?
Yes. It's the silver reunion which makes it extra special.

Why are you excited about Reunion 2018?
I haven't been to reunion since our 10th year. I am excited to see old friends, their families, changes to campus and re-bond with my Spelman sisters. It's great to come back to your college "home", especially with our busy lives. I look forward to coming back to a simpler time.

Why it is important to give back to SC?
It's imperative that alumnae give back to Spelman College in order to provide the educational opportunities for a younger generation. With larger white institutions holding average endowments in the billions, HBCUs still are not able to compete financially and offer the same support. Spelman currently holds at approximately $350 million, second only to Howard. As a result, Spelman is not often able to offer the aid necessary to bring in students, although top of their class, who have a financial need and, in turn, those students are having to make hard decisions when selecting schools.

What words of encouragement do you have to inspire our classmates to support our Beloved Spelman?
We are currently witnessing a crucial stage in our history, much like the Civil Rights era. Black women have always been at the forefront (although many times uncredited) and today we are taking on more prominent roles. Our presence, as demonstrated in this last election, is definitely felt/being heard. To support Spelman College means being prepared to uplift the next wave of phenomenal women and provide the same tools/foundation, if not more, that we had in order to bring about

a much needed change.